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We offer air duct and furnace cleaning servicing Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas

At Healthy Home Air Care, we use state-of-the-art equipment designed to reach every inch of your home's air system. Our machines are high powered, gasoline-driven vacuum systems along with specialized 200 psi air scrubbers that can completely scrub dirt, dust and allergens out of your entire air system. We DO NOT use a lower-powered electric shop-vac-style system or equipment designed for carpet cleaning.

When we arrive at your home, our technicians will install equipment to the supply-side and the return air side of the furnace creating a strong, sealed vacuum. We first clean the supply-side of your system covering all vents with magnetic shields which allows our equipment to focus and clean each vent, one at a time. We repeat this process until each and every vent is carefully cleaned. We then clean the return-side of your system in the same methodical manner.


Our process allows for the strongest airflow possible ensuring dust and allergens are removed from the home to a collection bag outside in our trailer, well away from your environment. You can be certain the entire system, from top to bottom, has been cleaned thoroughly and correctly.



View our 2-minute clip demonstrating equipment and cleaning:


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