3 BRUTAL REASONS Why You Should Have Your Air Duct And Furnace Cleaned (Warning… Not intended for the squeamish!!!)

dust bag

Reason #1-Picture yourself taking deep breaths from your vacuum cleaner’s bag - just before you empty it!

As awful as it sounds, it gives you an accurate picture of the air quality you breathe, after it passes over the crud and decaying debris in your furnace and ductwork. That’s because your ductwork is a lot like your vacuum cleaner.



Every time your furnace runs, things are sucked into your ductwork: dust, pet hair, cooking grease, cigarette smoke, and other debris that will stay in your ductwork until they eventually decay and are released back into the airstream for you and your family to breathe.

Anyone who has ever cleaned underneath or behind their refrigerator knows just how much gunk a fan will collect.

So if you want to know what’s in the dark depths of your ductwork, just look in your vacuum cleaner and see what you’re breathing. This alone is reason enough to get your ducts emptied today.

Dog hair

Reason #2 - Maybe you just “thought” the dog ran away…

This sounds extreme, but you wouldn’t believe what we
find in ductwork. I can’t say we’ve found anything like a
small dog, but we have seen everything else imaginable.
Everything from long-forgotten victims of DeCon to lost pet turtles that now resemble small ashtrays.

You see, even though you’re the best housekeeper in Colorado, what about the person who lived in the house before you? Unless it’s a new house, you don’t know what stuff remains in the ductwork from previous owners.

Stuff that depends entirely on what their hygiene, house cleaning and smoking habits were (not to mention how they took care of their pets).

In most cases, it’s probably better that you don’t know.

You can be certain that if your furnace ductwork isn’t clean, you’re breathing air that passes over the accumulated dust and crud from everyone (and everything) that has ever lived there.

I hope this unpleasant picture doesn’t make you swear off breathing completely.

Remember, it’s still safe to exhale. All is not lost, the debris will be totally removed when you have your system cleaned by a thorough, professional company like mine!!


Reason #3 - The “Mushroom Theory!”

The mushroom theory usually compares the “essentials of mushroom growing” with how politicians treat you. Everyone knows that the best place to grow any type of mold, fungus, or bacteria is in a dark, moist environment where it can feed on decaying organic matter.

Amazingly, this is also pretty descriptive of the conditions inside ductwork located in a damp basement or crawl space.

In most cases, unclean ductwork is a perfect place to start a little fungus farm.

Not only will dirty ductwork act as a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and mold, it also acts as a gathering place for everything else that enters a home.

Things like pesticides, lead, chemicals, and other such unhealthy particles.

These unwanted substances enter the house through open windows or are tracked in, and upon entering, bind with household dust and unfortunately, once in the house and your ducts, nature has no way of dealing with these potential unhealthy time-bombs.

healthIn fact, the pollution that gets trapped inside your home today is 5 times that of outdoor levels! You need to picture all those soft, fluffy little “dust bunnies” living in your ducts as having large claws and nasty teeth, teeth that can really take a bite out of your family’s health if you don’t deal with them.

Although I won’t promise to find your lost cat or turtle, I will promise that you will breathe better and healthier by having us clean your ducts properly.


You see, when we clean your ducts, we do the job right.
And although I do own a successful carpet cleaning business, we DO NOT use carpet cleaning equipment to clean your ducts.

That’s not what it’s made for. We’ve invested in the world’s BEST duct cleaning system.


It’s the very best, and most powerful available. Less expensive companies use a “shop-vac" or a so called “truck-mounted” electric vacuum with a brush. Or, they may hook up to a carpet cleaning machine. Neither method is very effective. It knocks debris loose inside your ducts.

Then they try to vacuum out the loose material through a 1 1/2 inch hose (no 2 x 4 board or pop can will fit through that)! The vacuum, if electric, is plugged into your house outlet.

It is nowhere near powerful enough to remove the loose material. In fact, this method is usually worse than not cleaning your ducts at all due to the inability to remove loosened gunk.

Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning will get your system as clean as it can be. Guaranteed!



How Our Cleaning Works:

> Cleaning power is concentrated on each individual duct. The technician seals all the other air registers in the home, then uncovers one register at a time to clean just that duct. The cleaning power is concentrated, not wasted.


> Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning scrubs every duct. Vacuuming is not enough. The technician inserts a specially designed, high pressure air tool into each duct to loosen dirt and lift debris into the vacuum air stream for removal. We have specialized air tools to clean any size or shape duct with tools to travel the full length of every duct to dislodge caked-on dirt.


> Particulate contaminants are captured OUTSIDE the home. At no time is any air exhausted inside the home thus re-contaminating the environment.


>Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning cleans main trunk lines even those hidden in walls or ceilings. Trunk lines are the major arteries of your home circulation system where most dirt hides.


>Our technicians will clean cold air return as described above. Generally, cold air returns are where we find the majority of contaminants.


>We use a special manufactured sanitizer designed for air duct system that does not leave residue. The sanitizer will dry in about 10 minutes and kills most microbial material in the duct system. This is applied to the main trunk lines using a special purpose spray tool that delivers mist to all surfaces.


Dog hair


A Clean Home is a Healthy Home.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be completely satisfied with your cleaning, or it’s Free.

What They Say

"Healthy Home Services first came to our home to do an in house estimate. This was very helpful to us in choosing a provider. They spent a lot of time explaining how they would clean. For the actual appointment, they arrived on time and performed the work exactly as they had explained in the in house estimate. They spent about four hours at our house and did an excellent job."

- Maren, Denver

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